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Courtney + Heath

April 14, 2023

Courtney and Heath wanted to plan a celebration as sweet and unique as they are.

They had gotten married at the courthouse 2 years prior to their celebration with just their parents in attendance, but they wanted to get to have a party with all of their people! Their biggest hope for the day was for everyone to relax and enjoy spending time together (that was mine, as well!). They wanted some of the traditional aspects of a wedding sprinkled with lots of their personality. I think we pulled that off!

Courtney & Heath Photos

From Courtney:

“With wedding day nerves, I was a mess trying to stay stress free and calm. Emma, being the perfect right hand gal for the day, took care of literally every detail. I did not have to worry about reaching out to vendors, or scheduling times for them to arrive. Emma did it all and with the sweetest charisma that made everyone feel taken care of. Even with a little family drama that can take place on your special day, Emma made sure that my husband and I were first priority and that what we wanted took precedence. I enjoyed every moment working with her from day one of planning to ending the night with sparklers.

“She is like a friend you can’t wait to see rather than a stranger on the sidelines.”

For better understanding of who you are working with, when you choose Emma as your big day stress reliever, she is like a friend you can’t wait to see rather than a stranger on the sidelines. She is prompt and puts her entire self into making sure your day is the best one yet. We absolutely adored her!”

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